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Lobo Villa

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Lobo Villa
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"I guess you're right.  Someone should really keep that little princess in line, before she gets herself hurt.  Some others outside of this little haven wouldn't restrain themselves so well. "I apologize that this is how we had to meet, I'm not actually quite so violent.  I am Wesley, though," Wes stuck his hand out openly to Viktor.

He chuckled and took the young lycans hand, shaking it firmly. "Nice to meet you, Wesley."

Of course, with Zina around, no one ever had a chance to relax. She was beyond annoying, and far too grating to like. Just as the spoiled child that she was, Zina refused to accept that she was caught doing something wrong and tried to pass blame onto someone else. She used the only card she had, and it was a weak one.

"Viktor darling, I don't think you're going to tell on me. I would hate for my uncle to know about last spring in Spain," she said with a wink. "I mean it is against code to sleep on the job, right?"

Viktor wanted to laugh in the girl's face. If she really thought that Brutus would find fault in his actions, she was more delusional than anyone could imagine. The trip to Spain was nothing more than a ruse to get her out of the way for a while. Anytime there was important business to attend, Zina was sent on vacation, and she was too self centered to realize it. The fact that Viktor chose to take a nap at the hotel, instead of taking her shopping, was hardly sleeping on the job, but he should have guessed she would hold on to that little tidbit to throw in his face when she needed an out. As she pranced away, thinking she had won, Viktor simply stood there grinning at her.

“Someone has put the children in charge of the Gatling gun,” Niam added and Viktor knew his first impression of the royal family had been tainted by her.  “Please tell me that she has no real power to make decisions.”

"Only in her warped mind," he laughed again. "Brutus Lobo is our leader, and a very good one at that. You just met his idiot niece, and her only power is the ability to irritate you to death. You will clearly see the difference between Zina and the rest of the royal family once you meet them. I will arrange that as soon as we have everyone mobilized."

Turning to Wesley, he asked, "You wouldn't happen to know which direction Miskiti went?"


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