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The Damning of Elsinore

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The Damning of Elsinore
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    Pavel’s face was silhouetted before a small vertical window of reinforced glass. He slumped on the top bunk of his cell with his legs hung over the side. Tired and spent after simpering for what seemed like hours, his demeanor was quiet with stunned resignation. He was staring at the floor when the psychiatrist entered his cell.

    “Pavel, do you know why you are here,” she asked evenly.

    He glanced at her with distrust, and then looked away.

    “I believe in signs. There are signs all around us, and I’m not talking about those billboards on the highway. I’m talking about those whispers in the dark; the falling star that turns sideways and hits the ground without a sound; the sudden smell of perfume out of nowhere; that weird, momentary claustrophobia in one ear; the creepy feeling like someone is watching - with malignant intent. The kind of signs that people tell you are your imagination, superstition, natural events or evidence of the onset of mental illness. There’s always an explanation, they say. It’s your imagination, they say. And there’s the inevitable gas-lighting. You must be crazy. We’re only trying to help you face reality and be happy and healthy, they say.

    Bullshit. They don’t believe because they don’t know. Ignorance is bliss until something jumps out of the darkness and sucks your blood dry or puts thoughts in your head - illusions that make you kill someone. Or make you see things that aren’t there just before you walk off a cliff.

    I’m not crazy. I’m telling you, the signs are all around you. They are everywhere. Real dangers lurking in the dark and in the pit of your soul. I know. Believe me, I know.”

    He turned his head and looked at her - his eyes like dim lights in the dark.

    “I’m here because you think I’m crazy, and all you want to do is help me face reality and be happy and healthy.”

    Looking back at the window, he sighed heavily.

    “There is nothing happy or healthy about reality. You can’t help me. And these bars and heavy doors may as well be straws and pieces of tissue paper. She will come. We are nothing but cattle, play things - the toys of the demons who own the world.”

    Pavel dropped to his feet and stood facing the window. He began trembling, then shook from head to toe. His body lifted an inch from the floor.

    “She comes! My tormentor!” He screamed.

    The air darkened around him and shimmered with a purple light. Black hands with silver nails reached out from nowhere, grabbed him by his shoulders and yanked him out of existence. The psychiatrist stumbled back against the wall - incredulous and in all-consuming shock. A moment later, she too was snatched from the cell. All that remained were shadows and the faint ticking of a clock.
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