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Wishing Well

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Wishing Well
« Reply #30 on: 12/09/2014 08:16 »
Connor watched her move into the room. He could already feel the Beast, the Cat inside of him stirring at the sight of her in his home away from home. He turned his gaze away, and it had been quite the effort to do just that. There was something about her that boiled his blood and it had nothing to do with anger or rage and everything to do with an instinct more passionate and primal. More male. He ran a hand through his wind tousled hair and felt it tremble faintly.

"I think we should be safe for the time bein', lass. The rest of the Clan knows that if I'm not at the house, then I'm usually out huntin', or patrolin'."

He shifted his gaze back to Eira and smiled. It was a heart-stopping grin that pulled at one side of that sinful mouth of his.

"Nothin' like runnin' naked in the woods." He teased.

Kat Ryanna

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Wishing Well
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Kat eavesdropped on their conversation because she was waiting for an opening to escape, and because there wasn't anything else to do. The wind which safely carried her scent away from the cabin, also sent the scent of the male and female directly to her. Cat People can tell a great deal about what is going on by scent alone, especially when strong emotion is involved - and there was some strong emotion going on.

The male was definitely motivated to mate with the female. Kat could smell parts of him she really didn't want to smell, and they were all crying out for sexual favors. The female was not sending the usual musky pheromones that would indicate that she was in heat, so way was the male still pursuing her? Kat was raised in a jungle city where haphazardly tossing pheromones and sweat could lead to death by being eaten. Even after living in the city for a year, she'd never gotten from under the importance of being careful.

Kat strained for another look as she listened:

“Is it safe ta shift now? I don’ want ta offend anyone who shows up later,” the female said, which Kat found quite sensible. It was the cat way.

"I think we should be safe for the time bein', lass. The rest of the Clan knows that if I'm not at the house, then I'm usually out huntin', or patrolin'." the male said.

Or prowlin' Kat thought.

When the male said "Nothin' like runnin' naked in the woods, Kat nearly slipped off the tree branch. She had unfortunate visions of something flopping around between his legs as he chased the female.

No, no, no, no, no! Kat screamed in her mind.

She had to get out of there. With another glance through the window of the cabin, she saw the female moving. A pang of compassion, or maybe guilt, ran through her.

Damn it, she thought.

She was young and given to sudden urges to do things. Warrior things, driven by altruism. In this case, it was to liberate the female and get the hell out of that forest.


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Wishing Well
« Reply #32 on: 12/14/2014 18:15 »
Eira was shocked by the beauty of the grin Connor flashed her and completely floored by the comment that came after it.  Maybe Da had been right about males outside the Clan and their urges.  She’d been raised to be a good girl, to do her duty, and to obey the males above her.  And they were all above her.  Even this man, this King of the Cats, was so far out of her sphere of influence that she could barely believe he was taking such an interest in her.  However, he may have just given her a large hint as to what his plans for her included.  She suddenly hoped that the second bedroom had a lock. 

She flushed bright red and dropped her eyes.  Connor was right.  There was nothing like running through the woods unencumbered, but she was loathe to think about it as running naked with him.  Regardless of how she might or might not feel about his attention and his attractiveness, she still intended to do her Da as proud as could.  Even if Da might shoot her himself for running away from the city and the trouble she was honor-bound to prevent. 

“Na,” she said, staring fiercely at the ground, torn between the urge to be subservient and the urge to hide.  “Not a thing in th’ world like it.”  She ground a foot into the hardwood flooring of the cabin and took a step back towards the room she had dropped her stuff in.  “I’ll just change in here?”  Her face got even hotter.  “And meet ya outside?”

Then, she slipped back into her room and quietly made the transformation from human to cat.  Stretching, she decided it felt good to be back in her own skin.  Her more comfortable skin.  Liking the feel of her slender body slinking along, she slid out of her clothes and back out into the hallway.  Her green eyes stared up at Connor, then past him to the open door.  In this skin, she felt more capable of handling him.  So, she pushed past his leg and took off at a run, eager to greet the woods and wipe away the horror of the city.
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