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All that Glitters

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All that Glitters
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Nuada was standing outside the door, listening to the Stella and the clueless human. It wasn't all that uncommon for some of the Opacare to eavesdrop on conversations that were none of their business, but for Nuada it was just natural. She'd have been that girl around the corner of the company water dispenser, listening in to conversations while snickering under her breath.

She found this conversation to be nearly hilarious. So much so that she had to cover her mouth. She was seriously thinking about waiting for the Stella to leave, and then eating the manager. Or whatever she was. She sounded like she had a bit of weight on her, and that's a good thing for making tasty blood - at least the kind that Nuada enjoyed.

The conversation was over. The Stella was about to leave. Nuada wasn't much interested in conversation, so she eased further into the shadows. Not that that would fool any of those Stella bloodhounds, of course. But it was a hunter's habit.
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