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Name:  Babylonia
Age:  approx. 2000 years
Apparent Age:  23
Gender:  Female
Birthplace:  Ancient Egypt ~ 510 BC
Race:  Ancient Vampire Priestess
Height:  5’8”
Build:  Slender and toned
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown
Skin:  Creamy tan
Abilities:  Extreme Speed and Agility, Healing (beyond the power of the Blood), Prophecy, and Blood Rites and Alchemy


Babylonia was the last child born to Chrys and Eischer, and she often got lost in the mix of things.  Her older brother and sister, the twins Akadia and Akiel, were a self-sufficient duo who had little time for a little sister.  They were caught up in their own plots and positioning in the family, both with and against each other.  Her vampiric father Eischer was trying to help Akiel rule the new race that they had created, and Chrys, her vampiric mother, grieved the loss of her humanity.  After Babylonia, no more children would be born of that union, which eventually led to their withdrawal from the world and death. 

From a very young age, Babylonia drifted through the night alone, neither creating companions nor seeking them.  She often spent years without speaking to her family and months without speaking to another vampire.  How was this young vampire child to know that she was seeking a place in the world?   She sought somewhere where she would be accepted and acclaimed for herself, which she never found at home. 

In 270 BC, Babylonia drifted back home in time to join her sister’s fighting force, the Dark Avengers, who were set to take on the rapidly increasing lycanthrope population.  The two races had been at war for years, and Babylonia was to fight in the battle that would leave the vampires supreme for once and all.  However, when she met Stone, progenitor of the lycans, on the wall, he quickly overpowered her, and in the heat of battle, he left her for dead.  Babylonia was able to drag herself off the walls of the city and into the ground to rest.

After a week of healing in the European soil and the murder of several peasants, Babylonia rose in search of news.  From a  vampire in the city, she discovered that she had been taken for dead, and in their anger, the vampires had almost annihilated the wolves and ended their threat.  Stunned by the news of her own death, she left town and took to wandering again.  Although she briefly considered returning to her family, she found that the freedom of being thought dead freed her from the complicated interplay of family loyalty and her feelings of abandonment and loneliness.  She decided to embrace this freedom and find a place to make her own. 

Babylonia wandered back into Egypt, far from where Chrys and Eischer had retired from life.  Encountering Pharoh Ptolomy II, Babylonia found her calling as a goddess of Eternal Life.  Worship of Babylonia was blended with worship of the goddess Ma’at who judged souls and granted eternal life to those found worthy.  The pharohs of Egypt bowed to Babylonia as a greater god, and they would request that she grant them healing and knowledge of the future.  During this time, she developed a knowledgeable caste of priests and priestesses, turning those that she deemed most worthy of her time and attention.  Her temple made a study of the divine mysteries – prophecy and alchemy.  Using her blood in a series of rituals, Babylonia was able to master the arts of healing and make in roads into her studies.

However, in 30 BC, Ptolomy XV was trying to keep Egypt out of the control of the Roman Empire.  Babylonia, who thought he was an arrogant fool, refused to help him, choosing instead to risk discovery at the hands of the Romans.  Ptolomy XV consorted with the priests of her temple, urging them to help save his Egypt, and they agreed to drain Babylonia and use her blood to create a night army for the Pharoh’s use.  During one day, her high priests crept into her chamber and stole her blood.  One of Babylonia’s vampire priestesses who was warned of the plot destroyed the men before they left the temple.  She reinfused Babylonia with her own blood and woke her Master.

Babylonia killed all the men in her service who had done nothing to save her, leaving her with only five priestess vampires and a couple of fledglings.  She then began the trip to China where she would set up her secret temple and live in peace for a number of centuries.  Her only goal was to protect her sanctuary.  She wanted nothing else to do with the outside world. 


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