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This song came to mind when I was waxing nostalgic.
A song can sometimes speak to the soul. This one spoke
to mine today.

New Kid in Town
~The Eagles~

There's talk on the street, it sounds so familiar
Great expectations, everybody's watching you
People you meet they all seem to know you
Even your old friends treat you like you're something new

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
Everybody loves you, so don't let them down

You look in her eyes, the music begins to play
Hopeless romantics, here we go again
But after a while you're looking the other way
It's those restless hearts that never mend

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
Will she still love you, when you're not around?

There's so many things you should have told her
But night after night you're willing to hold her
Just hold her tears on your shoulder

There's talk on the street, it's there to remind you
That it doesn't really matter which side you're on
You're walking away and they're talking behind you
They will never forget you till somebody new comes along

Where you've been lately? There's a new kid in town
Everybody loves him, don't they?
Now he's holding her and you're still around, oh my my

There's a new kid in town
Just another new kid in town

My sincerest apologies to know that you're suffering from a double-whammy of the flu, but I hope that you get better soon! Of course, I also suffered from a cold that I acquired from the boyfriend at the start of the New Year which wasn't very fun at all, though I'm better now.

Nice to know that you're keeping yourself occupied via video games and a personal software project even while in your "little hermitage". :P

Anyway, you're very much welcome! ;)

As for what I think of S:RT, it's a nice nostalgic kick, if you will, though a little frustrating at times. I just 100% completed the first game not too long ago, but there's still two games left to go in the trilogy, so I better start on them soon!! ><
Hey, Makenna;

I've been submerged in this double-time flu, playing a few games to pass the time (mostly Warframe at the moment, but also a bit of TERA for shits and giggles.) I spend a few hours a day working on a personal software project I started in 2016. Keeps me busy and not scaring little children. Oh, and I've been holed up in my  little hermitage, for what it's worth.

Thanks for asking!

So what do you think of Spyro?
So how are you doing these days?

I've been quite alright, for the most part. Alas, I've simply been busy in terms of trying to find another part-time job, playing video games (currently playing through the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy for the PS4), watching anime shows (the Winter season has started!) and much else besides (such as getting through my ever growing pile of to-be-read books), so...

How about yourself?
Yo I used to be blood_scar back in the day (dont care about getting the profile back, really).  Military sci-fi and Dark Fantasy are my shit although I love many different types.  Horror fantasy would be right up my alley. (Im a huge Dark Souls/Bloodborne nerd haha).  Considering activity is slow I might just post something and see if anyone has any interest.
The Obligatory Introduction Forum / Welcome Tessaiams!
« Last post by Valis on 12/04/2018 12:23 »
Welcome to Andromorphia!

There's not a lot going on these days (in the darkness of our souls) but maybe you can change that.

Let us know a little about you, if you are willing. Either way, welcome!

Well, I've been absent for quite some time. I blame Warframe. Seriously.

So how are you doing these days?
Should remember to check the home page from time to time. Alas...

Thanks for the "Welcome back"! It's truly appreciated. That being said, however, I'm also still lurking about these days - wondering if I should jump back onto the RPing bandwagon or not, you know?

Generalities, Rants and other Bugga-Boo / Happy Ada Lovelace Day!
« Last post by Valis on 10/09/2018 16:49 »

Quote from: HistoryExtra Website
Ada Lovelace: a visionary of computing

Born in the early 19th century, Ada Lovelace had a fascination with science and mathematics that defied the expectations of her class and gender at the time. After being introduced at the age of 17 to inventor Charles Babbage, her work ensured she would become one of the most important figures in the early history of the computer. Here, biographer James Essinger explores Ada Lovelace's life and legacy...

link: https://www.historyextra.com/period/modern/ada-lovelace-a-visionary-of-computing/
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