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Septentrio Information and FAQ.

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Septentrio Information and FAQ.
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What is Septentrio RPG?

Septentrio RPG is a vampire role playing game based on several classes of vampires. The players are members of one of three blood-hybrid clans. The Story Tellers play the controlling characters for both the evil-aligned vampires and the primary characters of Akiel's Sanctuary. The classes of vampires defined in Septentrio are listed at the end of this section.

The premise behind the RPG is that Vampires on Earth originated with two Egyptians who were overcome by a curse in ancient times. They gave birth to three still-born children and embraced them. Their children are the originators of the Pure Blood race: Akiel, Akadia and Babylonia. Of the three, only Akiel and Akadia survived. Akiel and Akadia sired a number of children, who went on to spread the Vampire race across the planet. Three hybrid races were created by encounters with a Lycan, a Daemon, and a Witch. Those races, respectively, are Stella Luna, Opacare, and Tempus Nocturna.

Akadia rejected the hybrids as abominations, and split away from the originating family. Akiel (good-aligned) went on to provide a sanctuary for the hybrid races and formed a clan for each, headed by Pervigilans. Akadia (evil-aligned) plotted to destroy the hybrid races, and to bring Akiel back to what she considers his proper place: as King of the Pure Bloods. She created a fanatical religious cult with her self as Goddess, and employed them to maintain her body during a long sleep, and to prepare for the eventual destruction of the hybrids. She created a race of Vampires based on the blending of the three hybrid bloodlines to act as her army. She called them the Peregrinus.

For more information about the background storyline and history of Septentrio RPG, please click here and read each thread in that section.

The game is played in chapters and is based on a predefined story line. The players create and play a character in one of the three Clans: Opacare, Stella Luna, or Tempus Nocturna. The goal of the game is three-fold. Firstly, to gather together good role players who write well and enjoy contributing to a predefined storyline. Secondly, to play through situations and plot points to participate in quests, gain prestige and position, and to solve riddles or puzzles set out by the Story Tellers. Thirdly, create and evolve a believable and interesting character that is natural within the structure and rules of the game. If you love to write and evolve your characters, then Septentrio might be just what you are looking for.

What are the rules of the game?

There are a set of basic rules that do not change throughout the story. These include the Vampire Races and Classes, the Deep Blood Bond and the restrictions on inter-clan blood bonding, the basic abilities of each Clan, and the expected relationship between classes and levels of characters. Please click this and this to read through the various sections and threads for more detailed information on the basic and amended rules. For example: The Septentrio Classes of Blood Bond, Septentrio RPG Parameters - Classes and Clans, and Blood Race (Clans) Characteristics and Usage Rules.

At the end of each chapter (or at some specific plot point), the Story Tellers review the upcoming plot points and determine changes to the rules of play. These changes may reflect solutions to problems in the game play, or to provide new challenges and rewards for the players. Although changes to rules are never easy, they do tend to focus the game play toward the goals of each chapter.

May I play a Human, a Pure Blood, or a Peregrinus?

No. Players are restricted to playing a member of one of the three clans. However, you are allowed to include human interactions (and other NPC Vampires that are not aligned with Pure Bloods or the Peregrinus) by using the Septentrio NPC account. Abuse of this account will not be tolerated. However, you are given a fair amount of freedom in using the NPC account to further your story or character.


May I play more than one character?

The rules on this change from time to time. In chapter 4 it is permissible to play more than one character and in more than one clan. In the past, you were only allowed to play characters in the same clan. In the future, the Story Tellers may decide that any given player may only play one character in the entire game. These decisions are based on what is best for the story and game play for each chapter.

May I play a Vampire that is a mixture of two or more Clan attributes?

Absolutely not. That would change the basic premise of the story and the game, as well as allow you to create a character with undue advantages over others. This will never be permitted.

What about playing a Demon, Lycanthrope or Witch who is not a Vampire?

I'm afraid not. Septentrio RPG isn't a story about demons, witches and werewolves. It is a story about Vampires who are hybrids. We think this is an interesting twist, and believe it offers some dramatic possibilities and challenges in the RP. Andromorphia provides a number of Free Form sections where you may freely play anything you like ... within reason.

Can my character be killed?

Yes. A number of characters have been killed in the course of the story. Up to this time, most of those deaths have been written due to players wishing to leave the game, characters played by the Story Tellers as part of the plot line, due to rule changes related to the number or clan of a character, or to explain the  extended absence of a player from the game. As the story progresses there will be further rule changes to support a fair system of determining whether a character has been killed by circumstances. That would include: Not feeding as necessary, losing a fight with another character, losing to an evil-aligned NPC, or other game play-related reasons.

Vampire Classes


There are only two progenitors of the vampire species in Septentrio: Chrys and Eischer. Both roles are historical and currently not in play.

Blood Ancients (Pure Bloods)

There are only two blood ancients in play in the game: Akiel (good-aligned) and Akadia (evil-aligned.) Akiel and Akadia are the direct descendants of Chrys and Eischer and are played by the Story Tellers.

Seminal Hybrids (Hybrid Blood Ancients)

There are three seminal hybrids; originators of the three hybrid blood species of vampires: Itzl of Stella Luna, Opacara of Opacare (not played, however Jase is the direct descendant of Opacara,) Jalzera of Tempus Nocturna. Of the three, only Itzl remains in play.

Ancients (Clan Vampires, Pure Bloods)

This class of vampire can be aligned either as good or evil. Ancients are vampires who were created during the first few hundred years after Chrys and Eischer fell prey to the Vampire's Curse. Few of this class of vampire are open to players in the game, however under special circumstances the Story Tellers may either allow it or play strategic characters. Ancients are also the most powerful of the general vampire classes. Their blood would be closest to that of Akiel or Akadia, and the fact of their continued existence would indicate wisdom and perseverance. Ancients are of the old ways and demand respect and obedience. They are capable of killing any other vampire below their rank. All Ancients are subordinate to either Akiel and Tepin (good-aligned) or Akadia (evil-aligned.)

Elders (Clan Vampires, Pure Bloods, Peregrinus)

This class of vampire can be aligned either as good or evil. Elders are vampires created prior to the Italian Renaissance (circa 15th century). This vampire class predates the arrival of the blending of art and science and tends to retain attitudes and characteristics common to the Middle Ages (and to some degree Classical Antiquity.) Elders retain official positions of power and influence, and can be assumed to have the authority of one or more Ancients. Crossing an elder can be dangerous, however they are strict adherents to the hierarchy of their Sires. All Septentrio Clan Elders are subordinate to Akiel, Tepin, and those they choose as either agents or Pervigilans. Elders of either the Pure Blood Race or the Peregrinus are subordinate to Akadia and those she chooses as her agents.

Contemporary Vampire (Clan Vampires, Pure Bloods, Peregrinus)

All other vampires fall into this class. Contemporary Vampires were created during and after the Italian Renaissance and tend to be influenced by modern thinking, the Industrial Revolution, psychology and modern notions of theology. This class of vampire is subordinate to all classes of Vampire above them, and represent the great majority of existing vampires (over 95% of all Vampires are of the contemporary class.)

The above classes may be applied to any of the blood races except where noted. The blood races are: Pure Blood, Opacare, Stella Luna, Tempus Nocturna, and Peregrinus.


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